Since its foundation in 2008, BioVersys has been working on a switch to turn off antibiotic resistance in bacteria. “Basel is indeed THE place to be as a company in biotech or pharma,” says founder Marc Gitzinger. “Alongside Swiss ‘big pharma’ you find many experienced potential advisors here. They are essential for start-ups like ours.” EVA was Lead Investor of BioVersys. “This decision was taken fast at the time, which was good for us. It definitely helped to get risk capital from other investors, among them members of the BioValley Business Angels Club BioBAC,” Gitzinger is convinced. Today BioVersys has partnerships with international blue chip companies including GlaxoSmithKline, and works in a network with several research consortia. The company is growing steadily, and has won numerous awards for young entrepreneurs.



Founded in 1999, Medgate is a leading provider of integrated out-patient care in Switzerland, and runs Europe’s largest Telemedicine Center operated by physicians. “Around 260 employees, among them 70 medical doctors, offer up to 4300 teleconsultations a day. Altogether, we have run around 4.5 million such phone advice sessions since we started them in 2000,” says Andy Fischer, CEO and founder. The company successfully exported the concept to Abu Dhabi and Australia, where it supported the establishment of Telemedicine Centers. “It is important for start-ups to get support early on. By providing this, EVA significantly contributes to fostering innovation and the economy in the Basel area,” Fischer adds.